about Rob van Leuven

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Hello, I am Rob van Leuven, architect and luthier; welcome to my website!

Building stringed instruments has been a passion ever since my college days. I build four types of instruments mainly the types that would be used by folk, blues and jazz musicians and singer/songwriters: parlour guitar, irish bouzouki, parlour bouzouki and my very own design: dilemma, which I now also build in a parlour size. 

I’m an architect by profession and practice architecture as a member of a co-operative of building professionals which I founded: Archifoor Coöperatie u.a. 

My architectural work can be seen on my website: www.robvanleuven@archi

Although I am basically an amateur luthier, I will build and have built instruments for other people as well as you can see here. For indicative pricing please have a look at my pricelist