The design of ‘dilemma‘ is purely functional and focussed on sound, playability and intonation:

– the off-center placement of the soundhole has several advantages:
.  + it creates a longer air column, which results in stronger basses from a relatively small soundbox;
.  + the playing hand does not block the sound projection;
.  + the soundhole does not interrupt the structural continuity of the area that absorbes the tension of the strings, so the overall construction can be lighter which improves the response of the soundboard.
.  + the vibrating area of the soundboard is larger, which also improves response and volume;
– both the bridge and the nut are compensated for perfect intonation
– the shape of the peghead is designed so that the strings do not cross the nut at a lateral angle, which reduces friction and improves tuning.

The result is a modestly sized guitar which sounds like a much bigger one, but has the playing comfort of a smaller instrument!



listen to Joep van Wegberg playing one of his compositions on dilemma: