dilemma website updated

I have updated my website since the sliders on the various pages were slow and didn’t work well on mobile devices.

The sliders have now been made with a different plug-in and some new photos have been added; as far as I can see they work well on iPhone and iPad. If you have any problems or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dilemma on regional TV

On 31 march 2015 Dilemma was on regional TV: a short documentary on me, my Dilemma guitar design and the guitar building course I do for Ambachtshuis Brabant was broadcast on Omroep Brabant TV, our regional public network. For those of you who don’t have that network on their cable system, here is a link to the network’s website :

Omroep Brabant


Dilemma info on Vintage & Rare updated

I have just updated the information om my pages on Vintage & Rare; there are new pictures and prices have been adjusted to include VAT. Also Vintage & Rare have invested heavily in further improving their site, quote:

“At Vintage & Rare we continuously work on improving and optimizing the site. In the last couple of months Vintage & Rare has undergone quite the transformation. Updating the whole site and implementing new features has led to a 300% increase in traffic and email requests and every month we see the numbers rise by 10-25%.”

Please have a look here:

V&R footer

parlour bouzouki #9 delivery

On Saturday 4 october 2014 mr. Emmanuel Obiabo took delivery of his custom built parlour bouzouki in St. Albans (UK).
After four months of waiting Emmanuel – who was born in Nigeria, grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives and works in England – can now add a real Celtic dimension to his collection which already comprises a guitar, banjo and mandolin!

emmanuel 11